How to connect only to given schema for PSQL database

I am using the latest version of Metabase. I already connected to the database and it seems everything works as expected. In my database, I have 2 schemas (public, bahmni_mart_scdf) so it shows both the schema in Metabase. But I am only interested in public schema, for the same reason I set Additional JDBC connection string options with currentSchema=public. After this as well, Metabase still have both the schema.

Any help??

Take a look at version 0.30.0 - JUST RELEASED a few hours ago, yet not announced on the blog yet :tada: - see Metabase 0.30 RC Feedback (the whole topic from the top)

I has some improvements in this area - but there are still open issues on GitHub in this area, so this can probably evolve:
Here’s what recently got done in v0.30 - and a good starting point:

Search the GitHub issues and join the conversation and :+1: vote on first post in issues over there wherever relevant… if you still see important gaps