How to contribute on metabase with adding a feature

We have made a small useful addition of a feature and we want to push this change on metabase. We want to tell me how to do that (e.g. by creating a branch with specific name or something else ). The change is into file apply_tooltips.js on path : frontend\src\metabase\visualizations\lib. The feature gives the ability for an end-user to click a node on a graph and get the coordinates and some data like the graph that has been clicked or the value of the node. The reason is to perform data-mining with the data from the click on a graph. We use postmessage so as not to have cross-domain problems. I thnk it would be useful to other people. If you find it useful you can add it to a next release.

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In general code contributions are done by GitHub pull requests. There’s some overall guidance to the contribution process on this page: