How to convert text field with date ("YYYY-MM-DD") to date datatype?

Hi guys! Thank you for great and light product!

I have an SQLite database (I’ve loaded the CSV to SQLite database for connect to Metabase).

Table in SQLite base contains a text field with date and timestamp data in two formats:

  • YYYY-MM-DD (ex. “2016-06-06”)
  • YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (ex. “2016-06-06 18:20:30”)

How I can use this fields as date/timestamp fields in Metabase data model?


I have this issue as well – our SQL Server Database also has text fields with dates in YYYY-MM-DD which I want to use as timestamp fields in my data model

I also have this issue with SQLite3 - any suggestions how to convert text fields to date time in Metabase?

I’m guessing this isn’t possible since the underlying database doesn’t support it and the only option is to change my DB solution.