How to correctly use metabase-config,yml, so that it works when raising the container with a metabase image

In the configuration file metabase-confug.yml I have the DBs that I want to be shown when I go to the option to view the databases, I don't know exactly where to copy this file within the container, so when it is raised it will be seen all the DB defined in the yml file.
However, when I have the container up and manually configure the DBs that I need, this is configured in the file, so what I do is remove the container from that file to my hard drive and when I want to create a container With a metabase image I pass this file and everything is ok, but I want it to be with the yml so that it looks more curious. Can you tell me how to proceed. Thanks 1000

Hi Sir,

are you referring to adding database connections directly from the yml file, so when you spin up your docker, everything is already connected?

If that's the case, you can refer to the official documentation of Metabase.

Hope this helps!