How to create a full list of users with MB access

Hi there)
I'm searchirng for the way to download a list of all uers with access to our company's data in Metabase. Is there a way to do it?

Hi @Elena_K
There's a couple of way.
Either get all the users by going to the URL (replace with your domain), when logged in as the admin.
Or you can find all users in the application database table core_user

Hey) Thanks for the support. Unfortunately, I cannot address core_users - what could be wrong here? My query is "select * from core_user"

@Elena_K I have no idea which database you're querying, but I'm talking about the Metabase application database, not your data warehouse sources.

How should I connect to this application db? I don't see it even under admin account.
Could it be unavailable because Im using simple version of metsbase, not enterprise?

@Elena_K You have configured which application database Metabase is using, so you would need to connect to that database:
But I don't understand why you don't just get the list via the API.