How to create a funnel chart controlling percentage?

So, I'm trying to create a funnel chart counting the number of registers by status, but it must have the total of registers in the first part of the funnel and use the percentage referencing that total. So, is that possible to combine a part of this funnel calculating the sum of registers with others parts counting them?

Something like this:

Hi @Valentim
I don't understand. Isn't that exactly what it does?

@flamber hey!
It counts the number of registers in all status, then it counts the number of registers in each one.

@Valentim So you're basically just looking for a 2-step funnel? Then you would combine (sum) all the steps, which then means you have Total and sum-of-all-steps-total.
I don't know what your data looks like, but I would think you would have to do that with SQL.