How to create a mongoDB datebase

I download metabase code from github,and run it on my computer, the version is 0.41.5. when I add new database, I can`t found mongoDB database type. like this

did I missing something? please help me :sob:

Hi @jiaxing
Like I already linked,, if you are not building an uberjar, then you'll need to tell which drivers should be included.
So either include those driver, or build an uberjar.

sorry I am a web developer and this is my first time to use metabase; I can`t read the documentation :cold_sweat: . so I repeat the question :joy:

@jiaxing Please read all of this:
And then set this environment variable before trying to start Metabase:

export DRIVERS=h2,postgres,mysql,mongo

There's nothing in your frontend development that requires Mongo, so you can work without it and then when you're done you can build a final uberjar for distribution.

where can I set the environment variable

@jiaxing Like I said, you don't need Mongo to do your frontend changes.
Do this:

If that doesn't work, then you should just build Metabase, when you're done with your frontend changes:

And if you are still having problems, then you'll likely need to get help from a backend developer.

thank you so much!! it is work!. after I build drivers like this ./bin/ mongo, and I start Metabase, the web is white blank. finally found that port 8080 was occupied :joy: thank you again!