How to create a "rate" with two questions

Hi there, quick question

Let's say a coworker has 100 files and in there he has a total of10 reminders set.
I've got the data to the number of files and the number of reminders in different questions.
My goal is to create a question with both of these questions combined and create a rate.
In this example that would be 10% because I've got 10 reminders out of the 100 files.

I hope you understood what I meant to ask

Hi @Florian23232
If both questions returns a number, then you should be able to do something like this:
select cast({{#123}} as float) / cast({{#456}} as float) where 123 and 456 are the question IDs.
There's other ways of using saved questions:
And depending on how your data is stored, then you might be able to use Share expression function, but that's hard to tell with the limited information.