How to create Filter on Dashboard that can "Search by Name or enter an ID"

Hi all!
I just create two filters on the dashboard. One can “Search by Name or enter an ID” but the other can not
I read from the doc that if the data is less than 40 then it will drop down a list but I try to increase data to more than 40 distinct rows and it still drops down as a list.
So in common how to make the filter can search by ID and Name?

Thank so much!


Hi @InstantGame
So one of your filters is doing it correctly, but not the other filter?
Then it’s probably because you’re using different Field Type for the filter references.
Check both column references in Admin > Data Model > (database) > (table) > (column) :gear:

EDIT: By the way, that specific part in the documentation is outdated. Going to see if it can be re-written by 0.33

Hi @flamber Yes another one works! I just a newbie so can not attach two images at one time :smiley:

I just recheck the config in the Admin session. Both models have Entity Key and Entity Name

And this one works:

Okay, but the dashboard filter is connected to a card, which references a column from a question.
My guess is that you’re referencing a different table (let’s call it Orders), which has a Country-column (which is a Foreign Key to Country-tables Entity Key) and App-column (which is a Foreign Key to App-tables Entity Key) ?
If you click the :gear: of the column on the Data Model, then you’ll have different ways to display the reference (Display values).

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That’s it! I follow your hint and change App ID of App List table to Search Box and that works now!

Filtering on this field
When this field is used in a filter, what should people use to enter the value they want to filter on?
Search box

Thank so much!

I’m not sure I understand your last question. If you are referencing “App ID” column on your dashboard, then people need to input the app ID to find things.

Ah I just copy and paste the content in the admin dashboard for reference only.Thank you!