How to Customize Dashboard Link?

We have a dashboard whose link is
and its public link is http://xxxxx/public/dashboard/f0e1288c-85c0-4f39-9702-fda6d050988f

Is there a way to customize one of the url? especially the first one because we want to have permission control on the data.

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Hello @neild , in this case, I think you need to set access control to the "dashboard" resource within your application. If you pass the URL generated by Metabase directly, it will be public, with access by anyone who has the URL. Another way, perhaps, would be to use the feature to "embed" the dashboard in your application. But remember, regardless of the form of sharing, if you want security, you have to enforce access control.

See references below:



I am sorry I should focus on my key requirement.

Is there a way to customize the link of a dashboard?

e.g. ->

@neild No, all elements are ID referenced. The upcoming version 0.40 will show /dashboard/5-customer-care if "Customer Care" is the name of your dashboard.

There's a request open for such functionality: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Awesome. What is the release period for 0.40?

@neild I have no idea, but there are tentative dates on milestones:

I'm surprised by the evolution of Metabase. If you don't have a resource yet, you can be sure it's on its way.
Thanks @flamber.