How to display scale in table ?

How to display scale in table ,for example:


Hi @dropsun
Yes, it’s called “formatting” in Metabase lingo.

Hi @flamber
Not means "formatting”, I mean how to get scale value.
For example,I have 3 projects,
project 1 spent 20hours
project 2 spent 10 hours
project 2 spent 20 hours
project 3 spent 15 hours
project 3 spent 10 hours
project 3 spent 25 hours

I need this kind of result:
project 1 20hours 20%
project 2 30hours 30%
project 3 50hours 50%

How to get 20%,30%,50% ?

Okay, it sounds like you’re asking for “subtotal” or “summary table”.
That’s currently not possible without doing it manually through SQL.
There’s a feature request open - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:

If you need sub total and total you could create in sql.