How to Display Table on Dashboard

I’ve added a saved question to a dashboard, and it defaults to displaying a bar chart. I just want a table to show up. I feel like this should be easy but I’ve looked everywhere I can think of. Thanks!

Could you tell me the exact steps you took? When you open up the saved question itself, is it displaying by default as a table or as a bar chart? If you want to change the visualization on a saved question click the Visualization button in the bottom left and select Table. I’m kind of guessing you might have created a question that defaulted to a bar chart, then clicked the data/visualization toggle in the center of the bottom of the screen, which shows the underlying data backing your chart, but does not change the visualization of your question.

You were mostly right - I did create a question that defaulted to a bar chart, but I understood that the toggle on that screen wouldn’t change how it was visualized on the dashboard.

My issue was that the ‘Table’ option for the Visualization was at the bottom (and I didn’t know I could scroll down).

Personally, I guess what I found confusing is that 1) Table was classified as a Visualization and 2) that it was at the bottom. My thinking is more like that which is underlying the toggle: a Table is a distinct entity from a Visualization, rather than one option like a Bar Chart or Map. I could be in the minority in this, though!

Thanks for your help!

Ah, got it. Could you tell me the rough pixel dimensions of your screen, and how tall you tend to keep your browser window?

I think there’s a pretty strong case for tables to be considered visualizations, especially when you take visual customization into account, such as conditional formatting, column ordering, numeric/date formatting, etc. So I’m personally more concerned with making sure the Table option is always discoverable.

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

I’m on a Macbook Retina 12-inch (2304 x 1440) but the scaled resolution is 1280 by 800, and I’m on 0.33.2. I keep my Chrome window at approx 1225 x 625.

I understand, and that is definitely one place I checked, just didn’t know I could scroll down :slight_smile:

Thanks again!