How to display the same count twice with different filters

I’m fairly new to MB and I’m trying to create a question which returns two counts of the same value with distinct filters. I am able to create the two questions seperately and add them together in the dashboard, but I want to be able to calculate the difference between the counts and this solution doesn’t let me do that.

Is there a way to relate filters to only one count in the custom question builder? Alternatively, the solution could be a way to calculate and display the difference between them with a third question and to add that in the dashboard.

Hi @trymsk
It sounds like you’re looking for time comparison:

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I’ll give that a try, thanks!

@flamber do you know the syntax for filtering the count where a products name contains something in the custom expression builder? What I want is one count that shows the ones where name contains GPON and TV and one count where the name contains GPON and not TV.

I tried this:

CountIf([Product → Name] = "%GPON%" AND [Product → Name] = "%TV%")

CountIf([Product → Name] = "%GPON%" AND [Product → Name] != "%TV%")

@trymsk Using the contains() function, and the NOT operator.

CountIf(contains([Product → Name], "GPON") AND NOT contains([Product → Name], "TV"))

CountIf(contains([Product → Name], "GPON") AND contains([Product → Name], "TV"))

@flamber That did the trick, thank you so much!