How to download the report from the dashboard directly

We use the " Public link" via “Shjare” to integrate the dashboard to our system for sales team to follow up, but the sales guys can’t download the reports on the dashboard directly, as the you can only click the report on the dashboard to the report itself, and then you can download.

Which is the problem for us, as we don’t want the sales guys to reach the metabase system directly, instead of use our system to view the dashboard.

So may anyone suggest how to fix this issues for us?

Thanks so much!

If you embed the dashboard in a web page, each question has a download link:

Not sure if there’s an alternative

Hi @ScugZd
Currently, the download functionality is only available on Embedded dashboards/questions. There’s a request for the functionality on Public too: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post.