How to Enable SSL in Windows Server

We are attempting to enable SSL on the Metabase dashboard. Could you kindly provide a document with screenshots illustrating the necessary steps?

Try installing a reverse proxy like nginx and do ssl termination there

We use IIS with ARR to reverse proxy and handle the SSL for Metabase. I don't have an exact guide but it was something along the lines of Setup IIS with URL Rewrite as a reverse proxy for real world apps - Microsoft Community Hub

I have 2 customer's servers running on Windows (not IIS). Both have the certificate in a Java Keystore (JKS). that's then referenced in the service (created using NSSM).
I've used Portecle to add the certificate to the keystore.

If you're used to just adding the certificate to IIS, you're in for a steep learning curve. MS did a great job hiding the complexity of certificates.