How to filter on a saved question and make it as new question?

I have a complex query saved as question #1972 (which contains data cleaning and new columns) and same query with field filter in question #1970.
I want to "inherit" the field filter in question #1970.
The query in question #1970 is a subquery to many other questions. I think I would be easier for maintenance if the logic changes in the future. Currently I am getting an error saying the subquery has too many columns.

Field Filters does not work like other variables.
Please read this:

I don't understand what is what. You need to provide the full query for all your questions with proper reference, so it's possible to understand.

Hi @flamber the query looks like the figure in below (Field filter from nested query · Issue #6449 · metabase/metabase · GitHub) but it contains way more attributes, kind like a wide table. Instead of writing the select statement for the subquery every single time when I create a question, I would love to save them as a separate question and be able to create different field filter for the new question that generate from it, the problem is that filed filter doesn't work with alias

basically, that's what I want to achieve: Using Field Filter in a view - #12 by abed, should I create a view in the metabase or in my db so that the date column will be able to set as field filter?

@ANYANNY02 Have you looked at Snippets?

If you want to use Field Filters, then you have to include the table/view in your query without aliasing. You cannot create Views in Metabase, that is done on your database.