How to filtering metabase widget via external button

Hy everyone,

i'm trying to setup a dashboard in metabase which will be embedded into an external portal of our client. One of the requirements is that all the widget that will be exporting must be filtered from external buttons that represent some specific field of table in the datamart. So, the widget cannot be filtered from metabase directly, but via a third party script. I know that is possibile to pre-filter data represented by a widget thanks to signed parameters (

So, i wanna know if this function will work also with my request.

thank you in advance

Hi @aresb
Yes, you should be using Embedding with Locked parameters.

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Hi flamber,

im trying to use a locked parameters on my query.
here it is the sintax for CATEGORY


the problem is this
once i lock parameters from embending page, metabase take me back to editor without any possibility of editing

How can i solve this ?

@aresb Sounds like you are using an older version of Metabase. Latest release is 0.43.1:

Thanks for your precious support.
I'll take advantage of this thread for answering you another question:
embedding preview shows me only a locked content, with no possibility to see chart/table in it.
I've read through many topics that one of the solutions could be changing http to https in general settings.
Mine is set in this way -- http://xx.yyy.aa.bbb:3000.
Shall I change this in some other way? Thanks

@aresb I don't understand. Make sure you Site URL is set exactly to how you are accessing Metabase.
Admin > Settings > General.