How to fix hourly alerts?


I want to keep track of how often my job runs (in this case every 5 minutes), and want to alert if it drops below 10. When I initially set it up, I got spammed every hour with a graph like this:

I think the alert got triggered because at the beginning of the hour, it had 0 events. Is there a way I can get the average or something like that? The events are coming from google analytics

Hi @nahtnam
The Alerts are executed based on the server time of where Metabase is hosted, so it sounds like it might be caused by that.
But if your question returns “count of jobs” from “previous 1 hour”, then you should always get the correct result.
The Alert will trigger depending on the question data, so if that can somehow return incorrect results if it is being executed within a specific minute, then that’s a problem with the question filtering and not the Alert.