How to get trends to work with dashboard filters?

I am a new Metabase user who has tried a number of searches to figure this out, but ultimately seems like they’ve been all outdated.

So I want to create a dashboard where I can flip from “last 7 days” to “last 30 days” and have my trend update to the amount of orders that came in between the last 7 days, and the trend percent to be based upon the last 7 days of those 7 days. I figured out how to make like generic trends, weekly, daily trends but its missing two things

  1. The ability to group the date time by the X days within the trend specifically, I don’t want “by week” “by day” i want the last 7 days.
  2. The date-time filter feature on the dashboard seems to have no effect on trends.
  3. Is there an ability to select the amount of days the trends groups by via the dashboard, or do I have to create a new card for every trend. (Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Q1, etc)

Has anyone already figured this out for their dashboards?

Hi @business_per_usual
Currently you would have to do some hacking with Native/SQL to change the grouping either depending on period span or with a text variable filter, or like you suggest, use multiple questions.
There’s a request for this feature: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
You might also be interested in this issue:

Hey Flamber, that is what I tried but ultimately couldn’t figure out. Do you have any examples of how to achieve this? I did google search things like"MySQL month to month growth" etc etc and tried to use their examples but couldn’t get it to work unfortunately.

Would love to pay $15 a month or whatever for metabase to increase their development speed. Really love the project, just seems slow in terms of improvement which is understandable due to it being free.


So how did you create the current questions? If they’re created via the interface, then simply convert it to SQL:
And then you would add two filters to that. One Field Filter for the date period, and one Text filter for the grouping:

Metabase is a massive project, but it is open source, so you could find developers and have them submit PRs.