How to handle URL's inside embedded dashboards

Hello Metabase community, I am currently building an app that embeds Metabase dashboards inside an iframe. The issue I am currently running into is that when my users click on any links within the dashboard that point to other dashboards or questions the iframe shows an error.

My question for you all is what is the best course of action here ? Is there a way to disable the links in embedded dashboards ?


Hi @vishu
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Which errors are you seeing?
Click Behavior only works for URLs via Embedding, not destination with dashboard or question directly, which is only available in-app.

Hey @flamber, I am embedding dashboards in an external app using iframes, but when a dashboard has an URL within it, if the user clicks on it they are given an exception as the url points to metabase link and they user may not have logged in or doesn't have access to the dashboard.

Hi Vishu,

then you need to upgrade to Metabase Pro or Enterprise, or build your own external navigation (in your application) so users can jump from embedding to embedding

Okay thanks Luiggi.