How to hide redundant results in table

Hi !
I have a table which displays products contained in orders for a specified timespan, but as orders contain several lines the order reference (and other redundant information) gets repeated on each matching product row. Is there a way to only show it on the first row ?

For exemple this table :

would become :

That would greatly improve readability !

You may be able to achieve something similar with a pivot table:

That's what i thought but pivot table are waaayy heavier to load and their formatting is very limited...

If you used SQL with Window Functions you could achieve the same. Not sure what would happen if you changed the sort order though.

I used the query builder, i'm too much of a noob to write sql queries on the go...

You could start by using LEAD/LAG functions for next or previous. Depends upon your database though.
I agree that they can be daunting. I still check the documentation most times I need them.