How to link two question graphs together?

I have two questions. Q1 is a table of customers and their brokers, Q2 is a table of the customers order data. I want to be able to make it so that when someone filters Q1 by broker... It updates Q2 to show the respective customers and their order data under that broker (with broker not being a field in Q2)...

The linking field would be the customer id which is present in both Q1 and Q2... So in other words, when someone filters for "Broker A" in Q1... All customer id's in Q1 should match Q2.

For context: Q1 is a distinct list of customers and their broker level data. Q2 is a list of all their purchase data per customer_id. I could make one massive query (combine Q1 and Q2 on customer_id) but that would make things really slow.

Any ideas on how to make this work?

Hi @Potstickers
If you need the data in the same result table, then you need to join the tables.
But sounds like you could just use cross-filters:

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