How to make a column values as link with another column's value

Hello all,

kindly help me to make the column component-id to display as the link from the drill_url column.... the concept is when i clicked the component_id it should open the link in drill_url.. Please help me out to do this. Thanks in advance!

Hey there, i am wondering, is it not something you can do using SQL?

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i think its not possible as this requires frontend logic. because there is unique id with unique link for each.

Just a recap to see if I understood:

  • in your output table you have two columns, component_id and drill_url
  • you want the column component_id to exactly look like drill_url

Is it correct?

No No... when i clicked the particular component_id it should navigate to the corresponding url present in drill_url column.

I've recreated your request using my own data.

As you can see I have a buy_url containing a parameter called ListingID.

Then I have a column called temp_url that when clicked send me to the corresponding buy_url.

In order to do so:

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 13.36.08

In my case

Link URL ={{temp_url}}&EventID=151804199&CategoryId=149156

Thanks a lot! In my case i have send extra 2 parameters component_start_date & component_end_date.

i gave like this{{component_id}}&component_start_date={{from}}&component_end_date={{end}}

It passes only the component_id values not the other 2. :face_exhaling:

What if you simply put the {{drill_url}} as Link URL?

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 14.07.47

Thanks a lot for sharing your time dude :heart:! I had solved and completed my work


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