How to make metabase's iframe use https? [Solved]

OS : Ubuntu 16.04
The Metabase : 0.31.2

I am running metabase on our dev server. Using metabase documentation as a guide.

export MB_JETTY_SSL=“true”
export MB_JETTY_SSL_Port=“8443”
export MB_JETTY_SSL_Keystore=“path/to/keystore.jks”
export MB_JETTY_SSL_Keystore_Password=“storepass”
java -jar metabase.jar

I am using self signed certificate from java keytool. The metabase web ui are running find in port 8443 (got some warning about invalid https, but its fine because its for dev environement). The problem is when i am trying to share dashboard using iframe, it still use the http (and port 3000).

Hi @dodolgarut
I’m not sure it will work, if you’re getting certificate warnings, since the security level of browsers are quite high.
You can just change the URL to whatever you want, but I’m pretty sure it’s getting the prefilled URL from Admin > Settings > General > Site URL

In settings, under General, do you have https for the site url?

Thanks it solved the problem