How to make my PR get reviewed by metabase people?

Hi, anybody knew how to reach to metabase people to review a contribution PR? I already pinged them in both the original issue ( and my pr ( but they didn’t seem to notice even after quite a while :frowning:

Hi @lins05
If you look through the other PRs, you’ll see that sometimes there’s some delay between creation and review. But generally it’s done as fast as possible, depending on priority.
It’s Thanksgiving in the US right now, which slows down everything. And a lot of work is being done to fix the last things in the upcoming 0.34
In short, just wait :wink:

@flamber Thanks for the swift reply!

That makes sense.

Well, if someone knocks at your door when you’re too busy to open it now, you would shout “in one minute!”, otherwise people would think no one is at home or (worse) he is not welcomed. In the same sense, as a contributor I expect at least some simple reply like “thanks, we’re tight on resources right now but we’ll take a look when we could”.

@lins05 Totally get what you’re saying. There was a big back-haul of old PRs the were being reviewed a couple of months ago. Perhaps there should be a Github Action, which just writes a little comment - or maybe just update the text in /.github/ - hoping @maz will see it after the holidays.