How to Make Service Metabase always Live

Dear All,

I already installed metabase on Unix Server,

but always i closed the session putty in the server… the service metabase also closed

anyone help me to make the metabase service always run

You need to run it as a service. Use the search to find the various methods.

I saw your other post regarding installing with Java 7 on Solaris, so maybe this option is useful for you:

Another option might be to see if you can setup Docker. If it’s still viable/supported on Solaris it would allow you to run the official Docker image with Java 8 and not requiring update of the OS Java version - and get to latest Metabase version. Must admit I’m unsure if that would require a Solaris rebuild of the container though or if it’s binary compatible with the official Linux based Docker image.

I am not a Linux guru definitely but I can run Metabase as a service in Ubuntu Server by using “Screen” (sudo apt-get install screen) such that:

run-a-long-process (Metabase)
CTRL-a,d #detach from screen session

Then when I need I can connect to Metabase console again by
screen -d -r

PS: I’ve used this approach for nearly a month on my demo server but most probably there will be some disadvantages. I just need a quick / dirty solution.

You could use PM2 as process monitoring

Or simply just use nohup
nohup java -jar metabase.jar &
It’s simple

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