How to Metabase in Production

Hi guys,

To use Metabase in a production environment, what would be the recommended operating system and memory configuration?

Hi @Lourival
That’s a very difficult question to answer - it depends.
If you only know Windows, then it would be silly to recommend Linux. You should use whatever system you are familiar with.
And as for memory, it depends on the database size, the amount of concurrent users and which features of Metabase are used.

Hi @flamber,
Let’s imagine a scenario where we will have 5 databases with 45GB each and approximately 25 users.
Tell me a default setting, could it be?

That’s a pretty large data pool.

Are you talking about 25 active/concurrent users, or just 25 users?

It’s always difficult to give exact numbers, since it depends on how active the users are (and which features they use in Metabase), query speed from the database, …
And the speed of general things like network, disks, CPU.

I don’t know what hardware you have or how you intend to setup this up, so it’s difficult to advice.

If you have 25 concurrent users and with that amount of data, then I would look at running multiple instances of Metabase. It’s easy to setup Metabase on multiple instances - just requires that they share the same application database (metadata).
But you’re probably looking at a bare minimum of 16GB RAM on 4 CPU 2GHz+, if you were running a test with one instance.

Certo, obrigado @flamber.