How to migrate the application database of Metabase deployed on Heroku?

Hello! I have a Metabase deployment on Heroku. Heroku recently removed free plans, so I have a paid Postgres add-on, which contains Metabase application database. How can I migrate the application database from the Heroku add-on to my own Postgres database?

Hi @satiukov_ed
Have a look here: How to create a backup / migrate away from Heroku?

Thank you for the answer, but I've read this topic and I think this is not what I need. I want to migrate only the application database and keep the deployment of Metabase on Heroku. As there is a buildpack for Metabase deployment on Heroku, how can I change the database which will store my application database?

@satiukov_ed Then I don't understand the question. The application database is defined by the environment variables:

The Heroku setup will be removed in future versions, since Heroku now supports Docker container deployment on paid plans (and they have removed their free plan):

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Thank you. You gave me some ideas to work around.