How to mix dashboard in collection?

I have 3 collections, each has its own dashboards and questions.

Now I want to create 1 more collection for specific user group that is mix dashboard from collection 1, collection 2 and collection 3.

So this 4th collection has lesser dashboards but a mix combination from existing dashboards.

I tried to duplicate dashboards that I require to the 4th collection. But I cannot view the cards. "Sorry, you don't have permission to see this card."

What I think is I must also duplicate those questions and dashboards to new collection then re-create the dashboard. But this is a lot of maintenance.

If there is a better way doing this?


Hi @eric.halim
Permissions can be difficult. Depending on which permissions the other collections have, then duplication might be the way to go, but otherwise creating a hierarchy, where each group can see collections they are supposed to. Meaning that one group might have access to collection1 and collection4, while another group only has access to collection4.

Yes example is
collection1 has 6 dashboards, namely dashboard1.1 up to dashboard 1.6
collection2 has 8 dashboards, namely dashboard2.1 up to dashboard 2.8

Then collection4, I want to have dashboard 1.3 and 2.4
User in collection4 can only see collection4 itself and these 2 dashboards only

I think for now there is no other option than duplication right?

Duplication is like copying each question to new dashboard and then also maintaining the cinntent of query itself, which is quite painful.


@eric.halim Yeah, unless you create another groups, which gives access to the overlaps, but that is probably just as difficult to maintain as duplicates.

You might want to follow this issue. I cannot tell you if it will be implemented, or how, or if it only will be available in the Enterprise Edition. It basically puts our current permission model on its head, so it would be difficult to implement correctly and take a lot of time. (please don't comment).