How to prevent question fade for unused filters on a dashboard

I have a dashboard with several questions that require filters. However the questions do not use all the filters. Is there a way to prevent questions that do not use an entered filter from fading out? I have two filters, one being a product designation and another being a start date. I have questions that use these in various ways to show the ongoing status of the product. Creating a separate dashboard for the questions seems a bit overkill.


We fade out non-filtered questions to make it clear where the filters are being applied. The alternative is that the user wouldn’t know which cards were being filtered. We played with it both ways and the current behaviour won out as a compromise between clarity and the ability to still see “global” data after you’ve filtered for context.

What sort of dashboard are you finding you want to prevent fading on?

There are many ways to indicate which cards are being filtered other than fading out the non-filtered cards. One would be to color-code the filter to match the card (e.g. by changing the color of the border). Could alternatively put a “filtered” tag of some kind in the corner of the filtered cards. As it is, the fade on the non-filtered cards is too extreme, making the data on those cards illegible.
I have a dashboard that shows sales data for year-to-date, quarter-to-date, month-to-date, and a card that has a filter for a custom date range. Using that filter for the one card makes all the other data practically invisible. At the very least there should be a setting to control the level of fade or an option to turn it off.

Hi, I was wondering if there are any news on that - I totally second the approach not to fade out the unfiltered cards as it makes it difficult to put together a dashboard that gives a complete overview of a situation (customer, product, market …) when you have to think about only applying cards that use the same filters. Would be a great benefit to have another solution here.
Thanks, Eva

Hi, still related: it would be great if within a dashboard a single question could have filters, like in the question mode.