How to Query JSON fields

I have a connection to Snowflake and one of the fields is dictionary format. In Metabase, the field is set to "field containing JSON". There's no way to use the visual (question) composer to query the data within that particular field.

It does appear it's possible using raw SQL, but that doesn't really solve our need to be able to metabase for non-SQL queries. Is it possible to query the dictionary fields using the visual editor?

You should be able to use json in snowflake, if not, create views to query those

I'm not sure I'm following. We have a column that has text json. I'm trying to understand how to be able to query the data within that column.

For example, a column that contains the following. The visual builder don't give access to query the json fields within the column.

{   "employee": {  "name": "sonoo",   "salary": 56000, "married": true }   }

Any other ideas? It seems like this would be a relatively common thing.

Create a view