How to read Mongodb Json data read{}

Hii Folk,

I am try to show mongodb data base over dashboard with Metabase .its work fine with top level json key data & value.
But its return embedded json {key:valye} & array[{key:val1},{key2:val2},{key3:val3}].

Can u tell me what query need to fire .so that data will outcome correct way . Below png file have snap shot if you able to see then please have a look .

Thanks in advance

Sorry not familiar with Mongodb and how to flatten “nested” or “embedded” JSON structures as you call them.

There’s already a feature request which seems related:

Note the specific comment about using $unwind in a native mongo query inside Metabase might be useful to you…

Saw other mongodb related posts in here: At least one of them suggested an alternative way with using a tool called jq to shape the data outside mongo.

Guess that’s all the help I can offer regarding mongodb, hope it helps. (I basically just searched for “mongo” in Metabase issues on GitHub and here in this discussion forum).