How to recover an archived question?

I incidentally archived a question. Now I get an archive logo when I try to access the question. How can get the question back ? In the past, I saw a recover button on the page, and it seems gone or moved. Does anyone know how I can recover the question ? I am on metabase v0.31.2. Thanks

Hi @chuang
If you go to /archive of your Metabase URL, then you should have everything there.


thanks ! saw thousands of archived questions and dashboard at I searched by the title of my archived question, and did not find it. Does this list contain all archived questions ? and how is this list sorted ? Thanks again.

I’m not sure. I’ve never used the /archive page - I usually find what I need directly in the database.
Have a look in the table report_card and just set the column archived=0 for the card/question you want to restore.