How to redirect to different links in a bar chart with multiple series?

I have a bar chart that I made with a native query where each unit on the X-axis can have multiple bars representing different values (multi-series bar chart). Here is a picture of the graph and the underlying table of data for reference:

Specifically, I am interested in the values of the bars representing "45-100 days" and "100+ days." Whenever I click on a bar, I want to be able to encode the value of that bar into a URL (through click behavior). However, the metadata for different bars that belong to the same unit on the X-axis seem to have the exact same metadata as one another despite belong to different series, shown in the pictures below:

The issue here is that the bar representing "45-100 days" contains the data for the "100+ days" bar and the bar representing "100+ days" contains the data for the "45-100 days" bar. My plan was originally that whenever the user clicks on a bar, the behavior is that it sends them to a URL with the values of "45-100 days" and "100+ days" encoded in the URL. However, since each bar also contains the value for the other bar, there is no way for me to distinguish between what bar the user clicked on (ideally if the user clicked on the "45-100 days" bar the value for "100+ days" would be 0 and vice versa allowing me to distinguish). Is there any workaround here?

Can you check the data that's used to build the chart? we don't yet adapt the legend to the chart series, this is a change that's coming soon