How to restore a RDS snapshot to come back to a previous version of the Metabase database

Hi @flamber,

I need to restore a snapshot of my RDS database which stores all the application data. I have automated backups in a replica. When I create a restore version in a new RDS instance, I plug it in Metabase by changing the host part of the metabase database in the settings.
However, the reason why we want to restore a snapshot is to come back to a previous version of all the cards (basically, a previous version of what's inside dataset_query). We do not see any change in the code of the question whereas the snapshot was restored. Why is that so ? What do I miss here ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi @Louis
I think there might be a misunderstanding.
If you are trying to change the Metabase application database, then that can only be done via the environment variables.
Any databases you add to Metabase > Admin > Databases, are just data warehouse sources that you can make queries against within Metabase.

@flamber Thanks a lot for the quickness of your answer. I needed missed the env variables in my EB. I changed the endpoint and it worked !

@Louis So I guess you're back to hosting yourself. Remember to cancel the trial via

Thanks for the link.
I'm still investigating the latency problem so I keep 2 versions of Metabase: Cloud and self-hosted to perform tests.