How to return to the previous version

Good afternoon! Today I launched jar with the new version 0.30.0. After the table was started, the data was transferred. In the new version, the filter does not work correctly by the date (for example, I select August 09, 2018, and the data extends for August 08, 2018), and Pulse configured earlier does not work. In this connection, the question is how to return to the previous version 0.29.3? Running an old jar file is successful, but there are no dashboards, requests, and Pulse, and there is not a single database in the administrative panel.

You need to restore the backup copy of your Metabase application database as well as rolling back the application code.

Background: On each upgrade you see (in the log at first startup) that Metabase typically performs some automated “migrations” with needed database schema changes so it can handle new features. An example is that collections in v0.30 now can contain dashboards and pulses as well. Sometimes these schema changes are just additions of fields, sometimes data is also moved around

If you lost your backup copy of metabase.jar at least in the summer of 2018 you could “get back in time” like described here: Metabase Updates ( SOLVED )

Thank you

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