How to route metabase through proxy with JVM flags?


Does anyone have examples how to route entire metabase through HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS5 proxy?

Examples I found from #3236 do not work in heroku when using JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS.

I deployed Metabase to Heroku and I am using QuotaGuard Static for Static IP.
It offers socks5 proxy. (as i understand, this is what i want to connect to an outside database)

When adding JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS to Heroku env variable:
then authentication still fails.

Does anyone have experience with proxyy + metabase?

Thank you

Hi @soorur
I don’t have a solution for you, since this seems like a Heroku-specific issue, but I can see that you already have an issue open, can you please close that issue


Do you have successful examples where proxy is used?

I guess Im asking if metabase even supports proxying via JVM flags (specifically, proxying through socks5)

From looking in issue 3236, it looks like it’s not fully implemented, which is why issue is still open.
But in the comments, there are several people who say that some of the things are working and they provide examples.