How to run multiple sql in one question

I added the visualization of the text box in the local metabase, and the data from sql can rewrite {{}} in the text

for example, here is a text:

in last month, there has 10 vehicles and 20 enterprise.

and I want to dynamically get the number value in the text, so I add a Text Component in the visualizations and use regular expression to match the number, like this..

in last month, there has {{row: 1, col: 1}} vehicles and {{row: 1, col: 2}} enterprise.

because the returned data is a two-dimensional array, I can get the corresponding value through the row and column. so row/col represents which Row/Column the data is in

there is a problem, vehicle data and enterprise data in different base table, and the tables has no relationship from each other , so I need get data from two tables in only one question. in other words, how can I run two SQL in one question? thanks

Hi @jiaxing
You are looking for something like this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

You would have to use a CTE to get results like that:

thanks, but I use mongoDB::joy:, it`s seem not work. Is there another way?

@jiaxing Try searching the internet on how to make a query that concatenates results in Mongo.