How to save a X-RAY scan in the dashboard that generated the scan?

Is it possibile to save a X-RAY scan in the dasboard that generated the scan?

Hi @fabiano.dagostino
I’m not sure I understand what you are asking?
Which version of Metabase?
When using the x-ray, you have a big green “Save this” button in the top, so you can save the x-ray as a dashboard.

Hi, yes I have the button, but I can just save x-ray in a new dashboard. I would like to save x-ray in an existing dashboard. Thanks.

Okay, there’s current no support for merging dashboards and it would probably be a little difficult to make sure that filters weren’t duplicated and things like that.
You would have to save the x-ray to a new dashboard, which creates the questions as well, and then you can add those questions to an existing dashboard.