How to select multiple text values in dashboard filter?

Hello, I'm trying to use the new 'users can pick multiple values' feature for text values filters. The filter itself works fine and I'm able to select multiple as intended (screenshot 1). However, when I try to connect the dashboard filter to a Question's filter, it removes the option to select multiple values from the dashboard. Additionally, it doesn't let me update the filter at all. (Screenshot 2) Can you please help?

If you’re in version 46 you should be able to select multiple options

I'm not able to select multiple options once I connect the dashboard filter to the Question filter. Please see attached screenshot above: even though it shows the selected filters are '2 selections,' the filter does not include check boxes to check multiple options.

Change the filter in the dashboard to be multi select

I did change it to multi-select. Once I connect the dashboard filter to the widget filter, the check boxes for multi-select go away and i'm not longer able to select anything or change the filter at all. The 'Update Filter' button is also greyed out and I'm no longer able to click it to update the filter. This is my second screenshot

please post troubleshooting info and also the question option you're using for the filters