How to set Current Date as Default filter widget value

I am using Metabase 0.33.4. How to set Current Date as Default filter widget value in Metabase Questions?

Hi @Suganesh

I’m guessing you’re talking about filters in Native/SQL? There’s a request open for it: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

But you can use Complex Default Values to do that:

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Hi @flamber
Thank You for the Quick Response.

Hi @flamber. Is these a way to set the default date to today’s date with Amazon athena? I tried it using # and current_date() but it gives me error.

@shubham-mt Looks like it’s not a function, just a reserved word, so try with current_date:

@flamber I tried this [[AND CAST(media.timestamp AS DATE) BETWEEN {{start_date}} AND {{end_date}}#]] current_date. This is still giving me error. Is this the right syntax?


  1. You need to post the error.
  2. I have no idea what you’re actually trying to do, so please explain that
  3. You cannot use multiple variables in the same optional clause:
  4. Perhaps you should use Field Filter instead?

@flamber I was trying to apply date range filter with default values as last 7 days (was trying to give default values with the way mentioned above). However now I have used Field Filter and used date filter within it to give default values. Thank you :smile: