How to set environment variable

How to set environment variables false for MB_SEND_EMAIL_ON_FIRST_LOGIN_FROM_NEW_DEVICE

Do we need to change source code ?

You set the env bar on the console and run Metabase as usual. If running in a container you need to set up the env var inside.
There are a few examples on our documentation

Hi @PremSahu
You can see examples for different OS types in the top of the documentation page:

How to update environment variables false for MB_SEND_EMAIL_ON_FIRST_LOGIN_FROM_NEW_DEVICE` via Admin panel only in OPENSOURCE Metabase?

We checked this but we didn't able to figure out how to update the above environment variable via Admin Panel.

@PremSahu It is not possible to set an environment variable via the Admin Panel. It can only be done by the server administrator, since Metabase has to get the variable during startup.