How to show data by month,data by week and data by date in a table?

How to show the following picture in Metabase?
The activation data by moth ,activation data by week in per month,and activation data by date in per week,how to show this structure in metabase?
The example picture is:

you need to build a pivot table in metabase

The issue I strike with doing this in Metabase is that you can't group by different granularities of the same date.

How d I get orders grouped by created year, month, and day?

I know I could do custom columns for each of those, but you loose things like nice date formatting. I'm sure you could get that back by some clever custom expressions, but it would be great if this ability was built in. We use a date dimension which enables doing these multiple granularity summaries but again it's an extra step to join on that.

@twinkle go give this a thumbs up to hopefully get some traction, existing issue from 2017 for this Allow multiple breakouts of the same date/time column with different granularities · Issue #4726 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

@notrom Thank you,I will have a try