How to show important message/updates after login to metabase 45.3?

Hello all,
Unable to get any option to show message/updates after login to metabase. Is there any way to do that.

I am not sure it's clear what you are after. Can you give a little bit more explenation

After login to metabase, how can we display a popup (I want to display important updates to all, so after login each one should get that pop up message) on homepage / landing page.

Aha okay i got you ... That is not possible directly but you can edit the landing page

So you can create a dashboard named updates and instead of putting a visualization you can add markdowns with your updates

a bit of a hack you can say

I tried with dashboard markdown approach and pinned it but its not visible on homepage. And Inside setting tab not getting the landing page one.

My bad that is only available for Pro and Enterprise:

Unfortunately that won't be possible then. If you pin the dashboard it only gets pinned to the collection not homepage

I tried with metabase 45.3 enterprise image. Still unable to see appearance option.
Is any other way to achieve that?

Do you have a licence? if yes then you should be able to see that option

the only thing that comes to mind is having a reverse proxy in between that listens to the login calls and redirects them to the dashboard you want but it's not trivial

Thanks, will check.

I create a dashboard where I can give some info via markdowns and some links to usual stuff. I bookmark that page in the users browser. So when user logs in user see my dashboard with nearly endless customizations, like News, Updates, Reports.

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This bookmark only visible at user level right. I want to show that bookmark thing at organization level (means to every user of organization). I am in search of way by which I can show important orgnization level metabase regarding updates on metabase home page itself.

Use a reverse proxy and inject content on Metabase, that’s the only option now

Can we do this at database level? To show updates/messages on home page for temporary period of time.

Why not put your messages in a database table? You could use text blobs with HTML and/or markup for rich text and also have a running history of all your messages.

Great workaround

It is up to you but I show information relevant to organization.

Can Metabase render properly if I store message within HTML tags in database?