How to tracking User Activity (on file download) [SOLVED]


I want to tracking user export data from dashboard in application database.

How to do it ?
Can you help to add it into view_log for next version ?


The query_execution table in the internal database records when users perform download operations - the context column records this as either xlsx-download, csv-download or json-download. The started_at column gives you a date, joining to the core_user table via executor_id will give you the user details, and joining to report_card via card_id will give you the question details.

All of this together should tell you who exported data, from where, and when.


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Hi nmg

My query_execution table have blank data.

Do you ever have this issue ?
How to configure it ?

Dude, sounds weird! AFAIK you shouldn’t have to configure anything; are the other tables in the db populated? Look at activity and core_session; if these are blank, it could be that you’re using the default H2 database Metabase ships with by accident?

It working fine right now.thanks for your help.
Best Regards,

hello can i find ,which users showed which reports , like ; userid 1 opened question 18 and dashboard 21

@omerfaruk Have a look here: Metabase Metadata SQL