How to transfer some data from DEV/QA to prod environment?

Hello, guys, I’m freaking out here, actually, I have 2 Metabase instances DEV/QA and PROD. all instances are running in docker with postgres DB. I’m trying to migrate only some dashboards and questions from DEV/QA to PROD but, it’s seen as I can only migrate all postgres database, it is impracticable.

The questions is it, is there any way to migrate my data from DEV/QA without making a full database restore to PROD? i just want to migrate one dashboard or two.


Hi @psantos

You would have to do it manually. There’s currently (0.32.8) no export/import feature for settings/dashboards/questions.

The current work-arounds:

  1. Totally manually, simply just going through everything one-by-one in two browser windows.
  2. Using the API (this is a good solution, if you’re doing similar process many times, but will take some time to code)
  3. Fiddling with the database and trying to copy things from DEV to PROD (this will most likely kill your database).

There’s an open issue about this - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post: