How to update column-list, without using "Reset to defaults" (New columns not listed in Dashboard > "Visualization options" > "Visible columns")

Hi all

I can't find newly created columns in the "Visualization options" > "Columns" > "Visible columns".


Are there any way I can get a new column added to my existing question (within the dashboard), without having to press the "Reset to defaults"?

As is, I'm only aware of the option to press "Reset to defaults", but that's a pain, if multiple things are changed in the given table (formattings, naming, formatting, order and so on).


  • Create a dashboard
  • Create a question
  • Add the question to the dashboard
  • Customize a few columns in the dashboard, and save it
  • Add a new column to the question and save it.
  • Notice that the newly added column are not shown in the "Visualization options" > "Columns" > "Visible columns"

My question sounds (just a bit) like this, also mentioned here - But I'm not 100% sure?

I have tried a browser with fresh cache and so on, with no luck. By pressing the "Reset to defaults", the newly added (and missing) column shows up.

Known workaround no. 1:

  • Navigate to the question, from the dasboard
  • Save it as a new question
  • Add it to the same dashboard
  • Remove the old question
  • Find the new column in the "Visible column" view

Metabase Information:

You're on version v0.40.5
Built on 2021-09-21

Hi @exetico
There's really no easy workaround beside what you have done already.
It is caused by this:

That's sad news! But thank you, for the issue-reference.

It would be great to have a "Add/pull missing columns", or simular button (below the columns).

@exetico I'm going to create an issue about this, since I think we have other problems too. Will return with a reference link.