How to update data every week and everyday?


I'm trying to update the data every week and everyday for report. How can I acheive it ?
I saw that we can autorefresh in Dashboard but the limit is 60min.

Is it possible to share the data and only refresh it using api ?

Thanks for help !

Hi @Exe
The data is always updated on every request (unless you're using caching).
The auto-refresh on the dashboard is just so you can enable this if you display the data on a TV etc.

So there is no way like Power BI to generate a report every week ? or every day ?

@Exe Metabase shows your data in "real-time". If you need stored data, then you'll need to do that on your database.
You can use Subscriptions to get reports:

The Subscriptions doesn't "freeze" the data contained in the dashboard ?
Can we attach more than 2000 rows of data ?

@Exe Subscriptions are sent via email with attachments, so yes, all the data is "frozen".
There's a limit of 2000 rows: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post