How to use a text variable?

I've reviewed the documentation, copied the examples, but I get nothing when I try to add a text variable into my analysis.

I just want the variable to return the number of Refunds from my Refund Count table.

I'm not sure to understand if the variable is an input or an output variable.

For input => You can use widget/filters

For output => You can use result visualization like "Number"

it's really hard to understand what you need without seeing actual examples, see all the options that you've been through... etc

Hi, it says here that I can use a variable, but I don't know what to write where, It says write markdown and include a variable. but how does it know which variable I'm using? Is there a place to define it?

So one filter I have is "create date" and I want to filter refund requests that were created on "9/1/2023" for example. and I want to update the text card to say "On 9/1/2023, there were 5 refunds requested". Is that something I can do?

To wire up a text card variable to a filter:

  1. Click the pencil icon to enter dashboard edit mode.
  2. Add a filter to your dashboard.
  3. Add a text card to your dashboard.
  4. Write some Markdown and include a variable. Variables are bookended with double braces:
 # Plan
 ## {{PLAN}}
  1. Connect the filter to the variable in the text card.