How to use array variable type in SQL question

I noticed the SQL editor template variables only have four type: text,number,date and fieild filter

I want to use array type to search,and I try it like this:

and it is not work, seem like it can not recognized as an array

so how can I use array variable in SQL template variables? thanks:sob:

Hi @jiaxing
You would have to do casting in your query. When you select Text, then Metabase sends a string.

yes!the filter type can choose multiple value like a array. but how can I let url params to replace filter type value?

I try it like this[value1,value2,value2]
and this,value2,value2
it both not work.
please and thanks

@jiaxing You are using Field Filters, which works differently than the other filter types. See the documentation.

Thanks for your patience! but there a anthor question :sweat_smile:
then I use URL params at add new question page, it`s work. but at dashboard page, it is not work.
please forget about the chinese words :joy: and sorry about my english.
first I create organizations variable on url, and set it 430112, you can see the table

then I change the variable, set it 430100, and you can see the table changed!

then I add the question to a dashboard, like this

because the organizations variable default value is 430112, the table is same like first img

then I add url params like this
it should become like the second img, but it not change,

so I check the network log, the page have url params

but the card query do not have url params

thank you!!!

@jiaxing There's no filter on the dashboard: